In this Zelda theory, I give my take on the Tetraforce and why I believe the Forgotten Temple proves its existence. If you are not sure what the Tetraforce theory is, it is basically a theory that there is a 4th piece of the Triforce. I start by analyzing the connections between the Sealed Temple from Skyward Sword and the Forgotten Temple. Are they possibly the same place? I then take a look at the Guardians and other elements. Do they signify any kind of importance? Afterwards, I address the 4th Triforce piece. What is its name? What color is it represented by? Why do we keep seeing the number 4 in Zelda? I end with a theory on Fierce Deity Link and his connection to the Tetraforce.

In this Zelda theory, I give you my take on the Coliseum Ruins from Breath of the Wild and decide if it was the greatest coliseum ever. How was it constructed? Does its location have any significance? Who would come and from how far? What events took place there? I’ll answer these questions and more about this mysterious structure that I’ve been fascinated with ever since I stepped foot in it.

We give you our theory on Arbiter’s Grounds and what exactly it is. We discuss its past, present, location, usage, statues, Stallord, Death Sword, symbols, Mirror of Twilight, and many other things.