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Zeltik’s Top 5 Legend of Zelda Final Bosses

By Badge Nibley
January 10, 2019

Ranking a subject or topic, it seems to be the go-to pastime for the internet. Top ten this, top five that. But here’s a top five you pretty much have to watch! It’s a topic that’s been covered before, the top five Zelda final bosses. But YouTuber Zeltik touches on it in such a way that doesn’t neuter the magic of the subject matter.

Even without playing the games, which you very well may have not, you still have the illusion of the build up. Through telling a story, Zeltik doesn’t ruin the magic much like explaining a joke does the comedy. How he describes the final boss fight in Wind Waker is a powerful experience, it’s a rare kind of ranking video. A ranking video that is actually quality!

Go watch it below, it’s only 16 odd minutes of your time. Or you can click here to watch it on Youtube!