Zelda Monsters: Then and Now

By Kendra J
July 7, 2018

Since the original Legend of Zelda title has been released, the monsters who made their debut have gone through some significant changes. The one that comes to mind most prominently for myself are the Lynels. From the original Zelda release to Breath of the Wild, they have come a long way.

A Lynel’s difficulty has also increased significantly throughout the years, as they can be met earlier on in the first Zelda, and in BotW your first encounter with them is to sneak by without being caught. I love how tough they are in BotW, and it was so rewarding to defeat my first Lynel.

The Wizzrobes have undergone some changes as well, and I think they were the most difficult to defeat in the Wind Waker.

The Lynels and Wizzrobes are the two characters that instantly came to mind who developed through the series, what are some of your favorite characters that have evolved over the years?

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