By Thomas
April 3, 2018

Music is one of those elements that can either make or break the ambiance of any setting. One such setting, where musical is a crucial component of the ambiance, is your local café. If you’re like me, sitting at your local café enjoying your favorite caffeinated beverage while listening to the ambient music is a great way to enjoy the passing time. The creative team over at YouTuber Cafe Music BGM channel has put together a magnificent compilation of Zelda jazz remixes for your enjoyment at home or your favorite coffee house. What I enjoyed about this, over 2 and half hour compilation, is that it covered many great melodies from the land of Hyrule. I found myself reminiscing about the sprawling environments while listening to these tracks. The Legend of Zelda’s soundtrack has been tastefully remixed by Café Music BGM, and I would highly recommend this compilation to anyone who is a fan of the game, and/or just loves listening to soothing jazz while sitting at their local café. You can watch the video below or on YouTube here. Be ready to enjoy this with your favorite barista crafted brew.