Zelda Fan Creates an Amazing 3D Printed Hyrule Castle

By Hick
February 16, 2018

3D printing has become a big thing in recent years, and some of the end products have looked absolutely amazing. 3D printing, in short, is a process where material is joined under computer control to create a three-dimensional object. If you have the skill, you can basically make anything you want to in 3D. This has been great for video games, as it has allowed us to take something we see on a screen and produce a three-dimensional object of it.

The latest great creation comes from imgur user TheCrypticOne007, who created a 3D print of Hyrule Castle from Breath of the Wild. The detail is amazing and it looks just like the real thing! It was made using the 3D map ripped from the game and was printed at 0.1 mm layer height, with supports. They also shared their creation with the Nintendo Switch Subreddit. If you have the skill, you can download the file here and print one yourself!