Zelda Breath of the Wild Fan Fiction: Prince Sidon, Freedom Fighter to Noble Prince Part 2

By Usmania
January 27, 2019

If you haven’t read part 1 yet it is highly recommended that you read it here.

“I… I missed you so much, sister. Why did you leave me”, sobbed an emotion-stricken Sidon. Mipha looked up at him and with a smile, stated: “Sweet Sidon, I never left you”. She then put her hand on the left side of his chest. “Here, I’ve always been in here. In your heart”. Upset, Sidon put his hand on hers, and stated: “I lost Mipha. Those cursed Yiga members took my life. And worse, I wasn’t even strong enough to save the life of Master Hurbit. He’s gone, and with it, all hope our people will ever be free from their scourge. I failed you sister. You left us with the hope that I would protect our people, protect mother and father”. Mipha then took two steps back, looked Sidon straight in the eyes and gave him that smile. It was a smile he had longed to see for 50 years. That smile of hope, of how everything would be OK. “Oh Sidon, if only you knew, knew how much strength you truly have. You have the potential to do things others can only dream of. You have abilities you yet know not of”. Her smile then immediately turned into a serious and determined expression. Her body was suddenly covered in a silvery-blue aura. She then pointed at Sidon. He looked around to see that he was also covered in that same aura. Then, with an echoing voice, she declared: “Now my brother, wake up!”.

Sidon’s eyes opened. Gone was Mipha. Gone was the white plane of space where they both stood. He was now lying in a dark room. From the corner of his eyes, he could see three other Zora, two blue skinned and one green-skinned, surrounding him. He heard a familiar voice from outside this room: “But I hit him straight in the heart with that arrow, I swear”. “THEN EXPLAIN HOW THIS SLIMY FISH PRINCE WAS STILL BREATHING WHEN YOU TOOK HIM TO THE MORGUE, PEA BRAIN!”. Immediately, Sidon recognized them as two Yiga members. He looked at his chest. There was a slight scar, but nothing more. He recalled how before the inexplicable, but emotional short reunion with his beloved sister, Mipha, he had been shot point-blank in the heart by a Yiga Clan member after watching his teacher and mentor, the Rito Elder Hurbit, be shot out of the air by the same Yiga warrior. He was sure that it was a fatal blow. “Where am I”, Sidon asked the other Zoras. One of them replied: “Where all disobedient Zoras go, the makeshift prison at the bottom floor of Zora’s Domain”. The room was divided by bars. The other side of the bars was probably for Yiga guards to keep a check on the Zora prisoners from time to time. Suddenly, the door from the other side opened. Storming in was a Yiga warrior. Sidon immediately rose to his feet. The warrior shouted: “I have no idea how you survived my fatal blow, fishboy, but one thing’s for certain. You are stuck behind these bars until further notice from General Igosa. Now rot, scum!”.

“Are you okay, Your Highness?”, asked one of the Zoras. Sidon, although he couldn’t explain his very brief, but heart-warming reunion with his beloved sister, had suddenly gained an unshakable sense of determination. His people needed him, Mipha entrusted their well being on him. He was, after all, the future king. Somehow, someway, he knew he had to free his people from the malevolent clutches of the Yiga. “Yes. I’m perfectly fine. And, my friends, the time has come that we take back our kingdom from the Yiga. We will show these brutes who the Zora truly are”. Confused, the green-skinned Zora replied: “With all due respect, Your Highness, what exactly can we do? We are locked up as the Yiga’s prisoners. Our only hope is if somehow, General Igosa has pity on us, but even then, he’s more likely to eliminate us and put us out of our misery that way”. Sidon reassured: “Fear not, for I have a plan. For now, I am going to impart to you all with the training my late Master Hurbit gave me. The rest, leave to me”.

Sidon planned to train his fellow Zora prisoners in the art of combat, like his Master Hurbit had done for him. It was approximately 30 times in the day that the Yiga prison keeper would come in to check up on them, give them some small provisions to stay alive, and with it, include verbal taunts. But in between these visits, Sidon and his Zora compatriots would practice their offense and defense skills, using a scraping from the prison wall as a makeshift spear. Sidon also taught them reflex and agility skills. Three weeks had passed and after another day of hard training, the four Zoras sat down for the pitiful meal provided by their Yiga captors. “Tomorrow’s the day, the day we become a free people again”, exclaimed a confident Sidon. One of the Zoras replied: “I really hope this works. It’s been such a long time since we’ve been slaves to these evil doers”. “If you believe, remember all the training we have done and stick to our plan, then there’s no way we can fail”, said Sidon. Skeptical, the green Zora stated: “We haven’t taken into account what General Igosa is capable of. No Zora, except your father, has been into the usurped throne room and left alive to tell the tale. Rumor has it that he’s never even had to get up from his throne to execute any Zora brought in front of him”. To this, Sidon simply replied, “I know our plan isn’t fool proof, but it’s all we have. Taking that one shot at freedom is much better than spending a lifetime as a slave. And I know we can do this. I believe in you all”. At this, Sidon did something which he hadn’t done since he was a young child. He gave a bright smile, clenched his left fist and flexed his bicep. The events of the last month had indeed made a man out of Sidon. Despite his relatively young age, he realized his responsibility to his people and had taken it upon himself to make sure hope and tranquility returned back to Zora’s Domain, even if it meant him making the ultimate sacrifice, like his sister before him.

The next morning, the Yiga prison keeper came in for the routine delivery of provisions to the prisoners. Slightly opening the prison door, the prison keeper threw in a bag of old meat skewers, taunting: “Eat up, degenerates!”. This time, when the jail door was locked, the prison guard had barely turned around when Sidon jumped forward and through the gaps between the bars, grabbed the prison keeper, violently shaking him back and forward. He shouted: “HOW LONG WILL YOU KEEP ME HERE!! LET ME OUT THIS INSTANT YOU IGNORAMUSES!!” Within a few minutes, two other Yiga Clansmen stormed into the prison room and shot a taser straight at Sidon’s arm. One of them opened the door of the prison and the other followed him in with a bow and arrow, aiming it at the other Zora prisoners. Sidon had fallen to the ground. “You want to get out, filthy Zora? Here’s your chance. We are taking you straight to General Igosa himself, and he will decide your miserable fate!”. Two of the Yiga Clansmen then dragged Sidon out of the prison. They took him up the different staircases until they reached the main floor. Sidon was feeling weak for the time being, but was fully conscious. He was aware that they were fast approaching the throne room where General Igosa lay in wait for him. Since the Yiga Clan’s invasion, they had built a wall around the throne room. General Igosa had never been seen outside this closed off throne room. “I hope you have enjoyed touring your beloved home again, prince, because it will be your last time. General Igosa ain’t gonna spare your smelly fish hyde”, snarled one of the Yiga Clansman dragging him in. At last, they entered the throne room. It was very much on the dark side, with only torches around the room acting as sources of light. Sidon was dragged into the middle of the room, where the two Yiga Clansmen still had a hold of him. Sidon, slowly, but surely regaining his strength, finally looked up. There he saw, sitting on the throne, a large, but very imposing figure. With a slightly darker uniform than the other Yiga Clansmen, but twice the size of even the sturdiest Yiga warrior, there he was, General Igosa himself. “Well, look what the cat dragged in”, exclaimed Igosa. “Here is the troublesome prince”. One of the Clansmen stated: “General, He’s been nothing but a nuisance for the last 50 years. I say we get rid of him for good!”. Igosa declared: “Looks like you have a point. I think the time has come. Now, decapitate him!”. Sidon bowed his head down in apparent submission. “I give up and accept my fate, General”, he resignedly said. “The first and last sensible decision you’ve made. Now, time to die”, said one of the Yiga Clansmen who had a hold of him. They then let go of him. One of them got out their vicious sickle and raised it into the air. Suddenly, Sidon rapidly grabbed the demon carver hanging on the waist of the other Yiga Clansman and snared it off his belt. This shocked the Clansman who was preparing for the decapitation. “But I forgot to mention, my fate is rather splendid”. With this, Sidon stood up and with a robust snap of his wrist, chucked the demon carver straight at General Igosa’s neck. Igosa didn’t move. The carver went straight at his neck and with pinpoint precision, decapitated the regional Yiga leader. His head fell forward and rolled right into Sidon’s feet. “NOOOOOOOOOO, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!” exclaimed the visibly disturbed Yiga Clansmen standing next to him. Something was very weird though. At the bottom of the decapitated head was what looked to be an ancient piece of Sheikah technology. There was also no blood coming out of this head, nor any blood coming out of the body. This wasn’t the body of any living being whatsoever. It was a fake body made out of some unknown material. Suddenly, the Yiga Clansman who was about to decapitate him shouted: “NOW YOU DIE!”. He started wildly swinging his sickle at Sidon, however, Sidon had more than enough agility to dodge all of the swings. He then kicked the sickle out of the Clansman’s hand, grabbed it, closed in and stabbed him hard in the stomach. The other Yiga Clansman, without any weapon to protect him, was clearly thinking of retreating, however, Sidon quickly pounced at him, tackling him to the ground and held the sickle to his neck. “TELL ME, WHAT IS GOING ON!! WHERE IS THE REAL IGOSA!! TELL ME!!!”. Scared, the Yiga Clansman responded: “There… there is no General Igosa. It was just a figure made up by our true leader, Master Kohga, to subjugate our invadees and give them something to fear. We just came up with the name based on an ancient king from another world mentioned in folklore. We made a life size model and used ancient technology for one of us to speak through to impersonate this imaginary general. It was ingenuous, given that any Zora, except your foolish father, Dorephan, has never left this place alive. And it worked flawlessly, until you came and tried to spoil everything. But this secret will stay a secret, once we get rid of you. Now, you will die, ha ha ha ha”.

Four Yiga Clansmen then stormed into the room, all armed with either bows or swords. They were about to charge at the young Zora prince, when suddenly, there was a massive explosion. It was coming from outside the front walls. The walls then collapsed, leading the throne room to be fully exposed to the outside. Standing right in front of the collapsed walls were Sidon’s fellow Zora prisoners. “Looks like you’ve suddenly made a believer out of me, Your Highness. The plan worked to the letter!”, proudly exclaimed the green Zora. “HOW DID YOU IMBECILES ESCAPE PRISON!!” angrily shouted one of the Yiga Clansmen. “Let me explain it very slowly to you losers”, said a smiling Sidon. “When I was violently shaking the prison keeper back and forth, my friend here crawled underneath my legs, grabbed the prison keeper’s demon carver through the gap between the bars and used it as a saw to cut two of the bars from the bottom. When you guys were distracted by yours truly, my friends then pulled off the two prison bars to use as spears, lured the prison keeper back into the prison, took care of him, left the prison and invaded your weapons depot, where there are bows, swords, but most importantly, bomb arrows. Then, using the training we went through in prison, they took down any of your compatriots who could get in their way to make it outside the throne room, and finally used the bomb arrows to bring down the walls. And here we are, your secret is exposed to the whole of Zora’s Domain”. And true this was, all the Zora who were working outside could see in plain daylight, General Igosa, the dictator that they so feared, was nothing more than a cheap gag used to control them. “AND NOW MY ZORA BROTHERS AND SISTERS, WE TAKE BACK OUR HOME!!”. All the Zora who were standing outside gave a collective clamor. The Yiga Clansman next to Sidon then exclaimed: “No, this is the day when you fishfolk become extinct. TIME FOR WAR!”. And so the battle began. Sidon’s fellow Zora prisoners threw each Zora a spear they had stolen from the weapons depot and they stood on guard for any Yiga who would spontaneously appear. Sidon was also thrown a spear and he immediately impaled the Yiga Clansman standing next to him. Four Yiga warriors then charged at him. He threw his spear straight into the chest of one of them, got it back and started battling the other three. He was holding his own against the three, even killing one, until suddenly, three more appeared out of smoke. Sidon was stranded, out of ideas until suddenly, a figure swooped in and knocked one of them out. They all stopped in surprise. The figure swooped in and knocked out another. And then another. Sidon, not stopping to wonder, used his long reach to stick his spear through the remaining two Clansmen at the same time. After this, his curiosity was off the charts as to who just saved him and knocked out three Yiga members in no time at all. Then he saw the figure descend to the ground. It was familiar. Suddenly, curiosity turned into utter shock. Those white feathers, yellow beak and talons. Surely not? It couldn’t be. “Am I hallucinating? Or is it really you? Master Hurbit!”, Sidon cheered. “Yes, my boy. You are not dreaming. It is me”. “But, I saw them kill you. You died right in front of me”, enquired a clearly ecstatic Sidon. “Wrong, my young protegee. You merely saw me fall after being hit by an arrow. Fortunately, the arrow missed my heart. But I was close to death, until a kind traveler from Hateno Village found me and took me back to his home. There, he brought his friend who is a master of tending to wounds, no matter how severe. He patched me up, good as new. I then knew that you would be in some sort of trouble, so from one of the higher plateaus outside Zora’s Domain, I have kept watch of what has been going on. For two weeks, I waited for any sightings of you, and when that time would come, that would be my moment to act”. “Thank you very much, Master”, replied a smiling Sidon, who declared, “now, what do you say we take care of these goons once and for all!”. Hurbit responded: “To aid us in this endeavor, I’ve brought some help”. Sidon looked up into the sky. He saw three Rito warriors. All of them shot ice arrows at three Yiga Clansmen. Two regular Zoras then pushed them off the edge and into the waters surrounding Zora’s Domain. Nearby, two terrified Zora children were surrounded by four Yiga warriors. “Now then, lets make some fried salmon out of them shall we? Ha ha ha”. The Yiga were about to attack when suddenly, the ground began to shake. Then right in front of the children, a huge figure landed, carrying a huge ax. It was the king himself, Dorephan. “You pick on one of us, you pick on us all. Now, LEAVE MY KINGDOM!!” With one swing of his ax, he eliminated three Yiga Clansmen. The fourth then retreated, but in that process, he was hit by a Rito ice arrow. Sidon and Hurbit had just been done talking, when suddenly, three Yiga brutes with swords appeared. Sidon, with another smile, declared: “C’mon, Master, let’s take these down, together”. One of the brutes hit his sword into the ground, which produced a gust that blew Hurbit back. However, Sidon dodged the gust, charged at the brute and hit his spear against the sword. Then another brute came behind and attempted to stab Sidon in the back. Sidon, with his now impressive agility, dodged the sword and landed a back kick into the brute’s face, temporarily blinding him. This gave Sidon the opportunity to stab him straight in the neck. Only two brutes were left. Hurbit shot an arrow at one of them, but it was easily swatted away by his sword. Sidon attempted to hit him with the spear, but the brute slashed Sidon’s back, bringing him to the ground. The brute was preparing to stab Sidon, until Hurbit used his wings to blow a strong wind at the brutes. He then shot a bomb arrow at the ground to reduce visibility and put his wing around Sidon. “Stay down, boy. I will take it from here”, Hurbit implored. “No, Master. This is my home, and my people. I must be the one to defend it. THIS ENDS HERE!” Sidon, with whatever strength he had left, jumped up with spear in hand and charged at one of the brutes. With all the skill and willpower he had, he powerfully and repeatedly swung his spear at the brute, who was clearly rattled. Sidon then knocked the sword out of the brute’s hand and stabbed him straight in the heart. One brute was left. With the aim of Hyrule’s most accomplished javelin thrower 50 years back, Sidon threw his spear straight at the last brute’s leg. He knelt down. Sidon picked up a sword from one of the fallen brute’s and easily overpowered the last brute, decapitating him. And that was that. All the brute’s were down. The Yiga warriors outside looked into the now open throne room with disbelief. Their main warriors had been defeated. And that, by a young prince. “AAAHHH. CURSE YOU!! CURSE YOU ALL!! MAY YOU FISH FOLK ALL DIE WHEN CALAMITY GANON IS ONCE AGAIN FREED!! With that, the remaining Yiga warriors, the handful of them who were left, disappeared in a puff of smoke. “You did it, my boy. I knew you would”, declared a proud Hurbit. Then King Dorephan walked up to the throne room. He tightly hugged Sidon, emotionally declaring: “My son, you have made me the proudest father any Zora in history could be. Because of your bravery, our people are freed from 50 years of tyranny and enslavement”. Sidon responded: “No, father, if it wasn’t for the bravery of those around me, the courage of Master Hurbit, his Rito bretherin, and every person in Zora’s Domain, our freedom would never have been possible”. King Dorephan then turned to all the Zora’s standing outside and bellowed: “This is the dawn of a new day. The day when the Zora have their home back!!” At this, a huge clamor came from the whole Zora population.

That night, the Zoras decided to hold a huge celebration. Zora’s Domain hadn’t looked as light and sparkly since before the Great Calamity had struck. Due to the bravery and help of Hurbit and his accomplices in getting rid of the Yiga Clan from Zora’s Domain, King Dorephan decided to invite the four Rito members along with the Rito Chieftan. The celebration began with Dorephan awarding the Rito Chieftain the Zora Medallion of Friendship. In his acceptance speech, the Chieftan explained: “It is a great honor to receive this Medallion. And very fitting, given that some of the ancient legends tell of how the Rito and Zora were once one people making us your descendants. May this mark a lasting friendship between our two people and may we soon see the day when the Calamity is truly rid from this land so that true peace can dawn upon the whole of Hyrule like it has today in Zora’s Domain”. Later, Sidon was chatting with some of the other Zoras, when Dorephan approached him. “Son, I have something you need to know. Rather, it is a confession”. Sidon replied: “What is it, dear father?”. “About General Igosa. I always knew the truth, that he wasn’t real. However, those Yiga Clansmen had threatened the lives of both you and your mother had I ever told anyone. So my silence on this issue was forced”. Dorephan was about to continue his explanation, until Sidon cut in: “Father, there’s nothing to explain. You did what you had to in order to protect us. It’s what a noble king should do”. The king then put his hand on Sidon’s shoulder and walked to the Rito Chieftan to continue his long-running chat with him. “Wow, didn’t you have a big cut on your back, Your Highness?”. Sidon turned around to see his green Zora compatriot from prison. “I did. But it seems to be gone”, Sidon replied. He really had no explanation for it. Like how he had no explanation for surviving the arrow to his chest three weeks back. But, he then remembered his very brief vision of Mipha right after the incident. She mentioned something about how he had “abilities he knew nothing about”. He then remembered how Mipha had a special ability. She called it her ‘Grace’ and how it helped her heal from injuries. Did he also have this ability, he wondered? But the question made him remember his sister once again, making him feel sad. “Your sister, the Princess, would be proud of you today, Your Highness”, said the green Zora. This further amplified Sidon’s sadness to full fledged emotion. He missed her so much, especially now that peace had finally come back to Zora’s Domain. “Excuse me, I will be back”, said Sidon to his compatriot. He then jumped into the water surrounding Zora’s Domain and swam up one of the waterfalls. This was no ordinary waterfall. It was the one where Mipha took him up his first waterfall ride, which was incidentally when the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda had come to recruit her for the fateful task of piloting Vah Ruta. Once he got to the top, Sidon broke down in tears. Sobbing, he said: “If only… if only I could see her… just this once”. Suddenly, he heard a voice from behind. “Don’t cry, sweet Sidon. Zora heroes don’t cry”. Sidon rapidly turned around. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was her. Mipha. It was like how he saw her in the vision a few weeks back, but slightly different. She had a green aura around her, making her look like a spirit. “How, how can this be? You being right in front of my eyes”, said a bamboozled Sidon. “All I know is, I’m here in front of you. When that fateful day came, I lost my life inside Ruta, and ever since then, my soul is trapped inside, waiting to be freed from the monster who haunts our Divine Beast”, explained Mipha. “Then I’m coming for you sister. I freed our people from the Yiga, now I will come and free you”, spoke a hasty sounding Sidon. “Sidon, as noble as your intent is, it’s a task not destined for you. Ruta has now become too hazardous for any Zora to bring down, no matter how strong. This task is only for him”, replied Mipha. “And who can that be, Mipha?”. “The Hylian with the Sword to Seal the Darkness. The one who I was to marry. My Link”. Sidon, being only a child when Link would visit Zora’s Domain, only vaguely recalled his face. Mipha continued: “I know he’s alive out there. And I know he will come for me. But he will need help. And Sidon, when he comes, promise me that you will do everything to help him board Ruta”. “I promise”, replied Sidon. “I know you will. You have become everything I believed you would and more”. Sidon inquired in angst: “So when Link returns and frees you, you will come back to us right?”. Mipha, with a really sad face, replied: “I’m sorry Sidon, but no. My time in this world will be at an end. This is the last time we are destined to meet. But you must live for the both of us now Sidon. Be the force of positivity in this sad world. Be the light in the darkness. Be that beacon of hope and happiness, something I couldn’t be. And always keep your smile strong”. Overwhelmed with raw emotion, Sidon tightly hugged his sister. “Goodbye, sweet Sidon”, an equally emotional Sidon sobbed. “Farewell, Mipha. I will never forget you, ever”. Sidon felt Mipha getting lighter and lighter, until he couldn’t feel anything at all. She had completely disappeared. Sidon wondered how this meeting had come about. Was it the work of a higher power? Was it the power of their sibling bond? Whatever it was, he was grateful he had the chance to see her, if only for the last time and got to say farewell. Her words still ringing in his ears, Sidon stood up tall, wiped away his tears and gave a bright smile. “This one’s for you, sister!”. He then surfed down the waterfall and halfway down, did a spectacular dive into the water. The next morning, for the first time ever, Sidon freely made his way to the Akkala fields. “Right on time for training, my boy”, stated Master Hurbit. “Well then Master, what do you have in store for me today?”, exclaimed a confident Sidon. “Today, I’ve brought a partner for you”, replied Hurbit. Out of the corner of his eye, Sidon saw a small Rito swoop right in front of him. He looked like a mini version of Master Hurbit. “Sidon, meet my grandson, Teba. He may be yet a child, but he’s a fierce fighter. A Rito wonder kid, thought to have the potential of even surpassing Master Revali one day”. Sidon smiled, turned to the young Rito and declared: “OK young Teba, give me all you got!”. With a serious expression, Teba flew at Sidon, and Sidon sized up to defend him with his training spear.

50 Years Later

Two child Zoras, one boy and one girl, were having a very deep discussion on the side of Zora’s Domain. “Have you seen him?”, “Yeah, he’s a total machine. I try every day to learn to fight like him”. “Forget that, meathead! He’s so handsome. I’m gonna marry him when I grow up!”. Suddenly, they flinched in shock when someone jumped out of the water. This someone landed right in front of them. He stood up. “Hey there children! Don’t forget to have regular meals if you want to become strong swimmers! I believe in you though!” It was none other than Prince Sidon himself. In 50 years, he had grown twice in size and sported an impressive physique. He then smiled and clenched his fist at the Zora children, in typical Sidon fashion. The young Zora girl looked on dreamily, whereas the boy looked on even more inspired than before. Sidon made his way to the throne room, where his father, King Dorephan was waiting. “There you are son!”. “Hey there father! What’s the status quo for today I may ask?”. Dorephan replied: “Ah, straight to the point. This time, it’s nothing to do with us Zora. Rumors are rife that Hateno Bay is being terrorized by a giant Octorok. No one has been able to even lay a finger on it. If these rumors are true, then given our experience with Octoroks, the inhabitants of Lurelin Village need our help!”. Excited, Sidon exclaimed: “Then I must get to work! I’ll be seeing you when the Lurelin Village locals are eating roast giant Octorock then!”. Sidon was about to dive into the water when King Dorephan said: “Sidon! Be careful”, to which he replied: “My second name is careful”. Sidon then followed the river all the way to Hateno Bay where the Octorok was. He saw three fisherman standing helplessly watching the Octorok in the middle of the bay. Sidon approached the fisherman, when one of them asked: “Can you help? This Octorok has been terrorizing us. And just now, he swallowed my sister. Please, save us”. With a smile, Sidon replied: “Don’t worry folks, I will take care of this for you”. Sidon then swam around the huge Octorok. He then tried to aim his spear at it, however, the Octorok had too many tentacles protecting it. Sidon then thought up a plan. He stopped swimming and faced the Octorok head on. The Octorok started sucking in masses of air. Sidon himself got sucked in. The fisherman looked on in horror. They believed Sidon had now become the next victim in a long list. Suddenly, they saw a spear come out of the Octorok’s head. Then the spear moved vertically down the Octorok’s face, bursting it wide open. Jumping out was a figure from the ripped-open Octorok. It was the Zora Prince, and in his arms was the fisherman’s sister, a young adult. The fishermen, along with other Lurelin Village inhabitants started cheering. “Now madam, I can’t imagine what it’s like being Octorok munchies but…”, at this point, Sidon met eyes with the fisherman’s sister. He felt a feeling completely new to him. His cheeks started to go red and for the first time, his voice began to stutter nervously. “And I will just put you down now. Nice to meet you”, he said with a shy smile. As he was turning around, he heard a voice saying: “Sallie. You can call me Sallie”. Sidon gave her another look, but again felt shy. No one had ever made him feel that way. Sallie then blushed and looked nervously at the ground. “Well, whenever your inside an Octorok’s belly again, just give me a call”. Sidon then jumped into the water and made his way back to Zora’s Domain. That last sentence didn’t even make sense, he thought to himself. When he was out of sight, Sallie blushed once again, but this time, gave a giggle.

Sidon told the whole story to his people, and the Zora Stonemason decided to record this incident by creating a stone monument. The next week, something caught Zora’s Domain by storm, literally and metaphorically. Vah Ruta had once again become active and plunged the area in non-stop rainfall, threatening to cause flooding of the East Reservoir Lake. After their own attempts to stop this and even asking the nearby Gorons to help, Sidon decided to enlist the help of a Hylian. He journeyed around the land to ask various Hylians, but to no avail. The rainfall was getting heavier and even more treacherous. Time was running out. He decided to keep searching and was running towards Central Hyrule Field in order to find someone who could help. He was nearing a recently activated Sheikah Tower nearby when at the beginning of Zora River, he saw a figure. Sidon jumped onto one of the tall lightposts where this figure was stood. He took a closer look. It was a Hylian. Looking at his sharp facial features and relatively long, blonde hair, he couldn’t help but feel that he’d seen him before somewhere, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Seeing his Hylian’s bow, he knew that this was a potential source of help for Zora’s Domain. But, in typical Sidon fashion, he wasn’t just going to make this a mundane “Can you help me” ask. He was going to do this in style. He exclaimed from above the Hylian: “Say hey there, young one! Up top, above you!”. The Hylian looked around in amazement. Sidon then jumped down in front of him with an over the top landing. He then continued: “Pardon the entrance, but you’re a Hylian, aren’t you?”. He then held his arms out wide and stated: “I was hoping perhaps you’d have a moment to talk…”



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