Youtuber re-creates Ocarina of Time’s Lake Hylia in Unreal Engine 4.

By Hick
September 29, 2016

Youtuber T Dzyne has re-created Ocarina of Time’s Lake Hylia in Unreal Engine 4 and it looks gorgeous. The video starts off quiet at first with birds chirping in the background, and then that familiar Hyrule Field theme kicks in. The re-creation first takes us by the Lakeside Laboratory before crossing over the rock bridge that sits above the waterway connecting Gerudo Valley to Lake Hylia. We then travel across the wooden bridges that connects us to the two smaller islands in Lake Hylia. What really caught my attention from this part was just how beautiful the tree looked near the warp point. Afterwards, Link dives underwater and we get a look at the Water Temple entrance. I was surprised that this detail was added to the video, and I love that the time was taken to do it. The video ends with Link entering the Fishing Pond. One really awesome thing about this part is that the video shows Link going back in the little stream area. This was not a possibility in Ocarina of Time. You can check out the Youtube video from T Dzyne below.