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YouTuber Modifies the Nintendo Switch Labo VR Headset With a Head Strap and Beautiful Zelda Theme!

By Red
April 22, 2019

The Labo VR headset for the Nintendo Switch is an intriguing piece of hardware. The idea of playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in virtual reality is certainly an exciting one! But the Labo VR headset has one very apparent shortcoming: there’s no head strap! Holding the Switch to your face while you play doesn’t exactly sound like the most comfortable way to enjoy the game. We apparently aren’t the only ones who think so, as Just Intense Gaming has a video showing a beautifully modded Labo VR headset complete with a head strap! Jeramey Polcyn altered the headset to include a head strap, face cushion, and a gorgeous Zelda theme. The Zelda theme features the Hylian crest, the Sheikah symbol, and some symbols typically associated with the Sheikah shrines from Breath of the Wild.

You can check out Jeramey Polcyn’s work below. Labo VR support for Breath of the Wild is set to hit on April 26th.