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Youtuber BeatEmUps Gives His Top 5 Zelda Games

By Nate Merritt
October 14, 2017

With Zelda Breath of the Wild now in many people’s rear view mirror, we can reflect back on it and how it compares to other Zelda games. Is it the best Zelda ever? Is it the worst? Does it land some where in between? Or, is it even a Zelda game at all? Okay, so that last question is in reference to an earlier article I wrote about Zelda BotW, but in all seriousness, the great Zelda debate, about which Zelda game is best in the series, has never been hotter. Some retro gamers are placing BotW as the definitive Zelda, placing it in their #1 spot as best Zelda of all time, while I’ve also seen next-gen gamers rate Ocarina of Time as their #1, and vice versa. So who’s right and who’s wrong? Well, no one really, as these are all opinion based.

The video, created by Youtuber Wood from BeatEmUps, gives us his opinion on his top 5 Zelder…..um, that is, Zelda games. What I really liked about this video, is he genuinely seemed to struggle with figuring out which games he liked the best, and in what order to include them. It means, he really had to think about it, which I certainly can appreciate. With a lot of thought going into it, you know he had to pick the best of the best….or did he? It’s all in the opinion.

To check out which games made the cut you can watch the video below or click here to watch it on Youtube!