Xbox Game Pass Potentially Coming to the Nintendo Switch!

By Red
February 26, 2019

Ever since the Nintendo Switch showed that it was possible to play console-quality games on a mobile device, I’ve dreamed of being able to play Xbox or PlayStation exclusives on the go. Unfortunately, this was more like a pipe dream, because there was no way Microsoft or Sony would allow games like Halo and God of War to get ported to the Switch. Or so it seemed!! Reputable rumor site Direct-Feed Games is reporting that Microsoft may bring its Xbox app and Game Pass to the Switch! In addition to the apps, Microsoft will also publish certain titles, such as Ori and the Blind Forest, on the Switch.

All this is well and good, but the real exciting part (for me at least) is that the Xbox app and Game Pass would work together to allow Switch owners to play Xbox games that normally would not be able to run on Switch hardware with the support of Project X Cloud. So that means my dream of being able to play titles like Halo on the go through the Nintendo Switch may not be too far off after all!

You can check out Direct-Feed Games’ full report below, then let us know in the comments what Xbox games YOU would be most excited to play on the Switch!