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Would the Dekus or the Hylians Win a Battle or War?

By Lizzie Fourman
March 11, 2018

YouTuber Dr.Wily uploaded a video recently that talks about what would happen if the Deku race and the Hylians got into a war. He talks about who had the better base, weapons, and who had the better abilities. The Hylians have a better base and weapons while it is a tie for the special abilities and weaknesses since the Deku have great special abilities.

The Deku race does not have a ruler in many of the games, while the Hylians have either the king of Hyrule or Princess Zelda. Dr.Wily believes that the Hylian race would win the war at the end due to being better prepared for a fight such as this one. You can watch the video below on this page or watch it on YouTube here.