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Work on the Next Zelda Game May Be About to Ramp Up!

By Red
November 10, 2018

Zelda fans (myself included!) are thirsty for any bit of news we can get on the next Zelda game. Well, this week, a few job postings from Nintendo seem to indicate that work on the next Zelda title is already under way, or may be about to commence! User guru-guru over at Resetera noted two recent job announcements at Nintendo: one for a 3DCG designer aimed at producing terrain and topography, and one for a level designer for planning game events, fields, dungeons, and enemies. While neither job posting specifically mentions Zelda, both positions seem to fit in line with what would be needed to work on the next Zelda game. And for those of us who can’t wait til the next Zelda game drops, that’s enough for me to get very excited about what comes next for Zelda!