By Hick
January 2, 2018

Even though I have only collected around 350 Korok Seeds, it’s something that I enjoy doing very much in Breath of the Wild. It adds a ton of playability after you beat the game, and it helps you to explore every area of a gigantic game world. One thing that I will never do, however, is collect all 900 Korok Seeds. There just isn’t a good way of documenting which ones you have collected so far and when it got close to the end I would have no clue which ones I was missing. It’s a good thing I will never complete this task, because as you may or may not have heard, the reward for collecting all 900 Korok Seeds is crap……literally!

In a recent interview with IGN, Breath of the Wild director Hidemaro Fujibayashi spoke on the subject.

“We just kind of thought it would be funny to make that a big joke. It’s just the backstory, the kind of hidden kind of thing in the game the whole way is that the Korok seeds are actually Korok poop.”

I’m not sure if a big joke is the best reward for a task so daunting, but what do you all think? Are you bothered by the reward? What do you think the reward should have been? Let us know in the comments.