By Hick
October 13, 2017

They say all good things must come to an end, and it appears that end is now. As some of you may have recently noticed, there has been a decline in our ranking, walkthough, and let’s play commentary that Red and I have been doing ever since we started our Youtube channel in May of 2013. It was a blast while it lasted, but I think we both knew in the back of our minds that it wouldn’t last forever.

So what happened? Well, a few things. I should first state that there is no drama between us, it just comes down to a scheduling, logistics, and reward to time of work thing. When we started Two Guys Playing Zelda, we were both bachelors with a ton of time on our hands. Red would come over once a week and we would lay down some commentary, and then afterwards we would have some beers and smoke some cigars. Then we both went and got married, and I started a family. I’m currently waiting on my 2nd child to come at any time. Even with all of this, we were able to set up a time remotely for a little while where we could lay down some commentary, but issues started to arise.

I was not longer able to do commentary during the evening with a pregnant wife and infant, so I had to go in early one day a week. This allowed me to get off early and do some commentary during the afternoon before I picked up my child from day care. The issue with this was that Red’s wife works a lot of 2nd shifts, so she would be home during the afternoon. Red lives in a one bedroom apartment currently with concrete floors, and the mic picks up EVERYTHING, no matter how quiet his wife was trying to be, as she was doing her best. And neither one of us were asking our wives to leave, haha, we know better. If any of you have done audio for videos or just audio in general, you understand you want to eliminate background noise as much as possible. Red couldn’t eliminate it during the afternoon, and I couldn’t eliminate it during the evening, so scheduling started to become a problem.

This is where it all started. Red and I would sit in the corner of the couch and drop commentary into our laptop microphone. We have bought much better microphones since. My how far we have come!

We tried to push through it, but things just started to become more and more difficult on both sides. It got to the point where it became a little stressful, and that contradicted why we created Two Guys Playing Zelda. We created it to be an escape and have fun, and it was no longer serving that purpose. I had a talk with Red, and we decided that with our scheduling and living situations, it would be easier if we both did our own solo work on the channel, and boy, am I excited about this!

First off, setting up everything for two people to do commentary remotely is a pain! We had a crazy checklist that we had to go through for every video just to make sure everything came together.

We also pay attention to the Youtube numbers. When you put this much hard work in, you want to see the fruits of your labor. We know that the commentary for our walkthroughs and let’s plays don’t get a lot of views. We were willing to do it in the past because we enjoyed it, and they were a lot easier to create, but with our limited time now available, we want to put out time into videos we think will get more views.

This is where we did the video intros and green screens for some of our rankings. I no longer live at this house.

We have always wanted to do more theory and news videos, because we know they get views. The issue with news videos is that we could only get together once a week, and depending on when that news came, we weren’t able to get to it right away, so we just didn’t end up doing many. With theories, it is incredibly difficult to bring together two people’s thoughts when they don’t agree on everything. We first had to find a theory we both agreed on, then we had to incorporate both of our ideas and have it make sense.

With us doing our own solo work, we can now focus on these videos more because they are easier to create with only 1 person’s thoughts. We can also do commentary on our own available time, so news videos should also be easier. All in all, I think this is going to help us deliver more quality content on our channel, and as I already said, I am very excited about this. We both have a lot of freedom now to be creative and do the videos we want to do.

So going forward, here is what to expect. The only types of videos I see Red and I working on together now is rankings. As I said, the walkthroughs and let’s play commentaries simply don’t get the views that make it worth the time. We will also do some solo rankings too. For example, we will probably always do dungeon and boss rankings together, but if one of us wants to make a Breath of the Wild Top 10 Characters, I think that is something we can do on our own. If the video has our solo voice on it, you will see an “H” or “R” in the top right corner to let you know who’s production it is. See below.

Also, at the beginning of the video, we will let you know if it is “A Hick Production” or “A Red Production”. I have already done a video demonstrating this. Here is a still image…

All of these changes are only going to affect our YouTube channel. Red will still be featured on our website weekly and will post on Instagram from time to time. We have never wanted to quit doing Two Guys Playing Zelda, and by us allowing ourselves to do our own solo work on the Youtube channel, it should allow us to create for many years going forward.