Why It Feels so Good to Catch Wild Horses in Breath of the Wild

By Hick
June 11, 2018

We’ve been able to ride horses in many Zelda games since the concept was first introduced in Ocarina of Time. In past games, we always called our horse to us whether it was via an ocarina or horse grass. Breath of the Wild changed this concept and made catching horses a little more difficult, which also added to the enjoyment. No longer were you able to call them. You had to crouch down quietly in the grass and sneak up on one to catch it. After doing that, you were still not guaranteed the horse. You also had to tame it before it knocked you off.

YouTuber Polygon recently put out a video that addresses why it can feel so good to catch wild horses in Breath of the Wild. Some of the things the video touches on is that horses let the player experience independence and power, they offer a new form of mobility and motion, and they have attitudes which can affect your relationship in different ways. Personally, I did not ride horses that much in Breath of the Wild. I enjoy walking around because I can go places I can not go with a horse, but Polygon does offer a unique and interesting viewpoint. Did you enjoy catching wild horses in Breath of the Wild, or did you spend your time doing other things? Let us know down in the comments!

You can check out the video below or click here to watch it on YouTube. Enjoy!


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