By Red
November 1, 2017

Ocarina of Time introduced us to the concept of the Triforce splitting into three parts if someone with an impure heart obtains it. Since then, the Triforce of Power has been associated with Ganon, the Triforce of Courage with Link, and the Triforce of Wisdom with Zelda. Throughout the series, however, there have been a few characters who have wielded the completed Triforce. YouTuber HMK has put together a video tracking everyone in the series who has held the complete Triforce. The main focus is on the downfall timeline (where Link was defeated by Ganon in Ocarina of Time), as this features the most occurrences of the unified Triforce, but HMK does hit on the other timelines as well. The list of characters who have wielded the compete Triforce includes the main characters, such as Link and Ganon, but also includes members of the Royal Family who are never really identified.

You can check out HMK’s video below or on YouTube to see the complete list. Are there any that he missed? Let us know in the comments!