Who doesn’t love Koroks?! Nintendo releases Breath of the Wild clip with them.

By Hick
August 19, 2016

Lately, Nintendo has been releasing some short Breath of the Wild clips on their Facebook page. This 33 seconds clip centers around the Koroks, which appear to be one of the most happy species in Hyrule. We first encountered them in Wind Waker, which has led many people to think that Breath of the Wild will fall after Wind Waker on the Zelda timeline. In the clip, Link dives down into water through a circle of plants, which springs a Korok. He then finds a Korok under a rock beneath a tree. Lastly, he finds a Korok under a rock on top of a larger stone structure. I wonder what kind of part these species will play in Breath of the Wild. Will it be a major role or a side role? What do you think? You can check out the Facebook video from Nintendo below.