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What Would You Add to a Future Zelda Game?

By Krissia Arteaga
November 15, 2018

There’s without a doubt that Breath of the Wild was a great hit and it surpassed the expectations for most of us as fans and even attracted the attention of new players. Either way, even if a lot of things were improved, some others were removed (like following the story to move forward, weapons that stay with you always). We have to understand things like that were made to give the franchise a fresh start as it must be difficult to keep it relevant for more than 30 years.

YouTuber Austin John Plays took the time in the Community tab of his channel to ask his fans what do we expect in the new Zelda game. Some ideas were magnificent, others were placed in a joke tone, and some others are subject of discussion. The question leaves an open debate. He picked 45 of the most liked ideas (even he did a proposal of a game at the end of it). Down below you can take a look at the video (or on YouTube here) and we would love to know which ideas do you agree on, what you don’t and what else would you like to see in our beloved game to keep it attractive for us as fans and for new generations. Feel free to leave a comment and keep the discussion open.