What Is the Future of the Nintendo Legend of Zelda Timeline in the Next Game After Breath of the Wild

By Krissia Arteaga
March 5, 2019

Isn’t it fascinating how your mind opens up when you talk or learn more about the Zelda timeline? I’m shocked and amazed every time. It has been two years since the most recent release of the series and up to this date there is not a canon statement on where this game is placed.

As always, our guys at Commonwealth Realm takes a theory and leaves it up to debate.

They explained that BotW closed the timeline as we know it due to some clues the producers left behind and as well it might be just a continuation of it, maybe broken down again, maybe more linear, and personally, I’m on board with both!

These guys did a very good job on placing a perspective into this subject. Do you think there’s more to add? Let us know!