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What Do We Expect from Future Bosses in the Next Legend of Zelda Game After Breath of the Wild?

By Krissia Arteaga
January 24, 2019

Breath of the Wild would’ve been a perfect game if it was not for a couple of flaws in it. Oh yeah, you thought about it, you read it in the headline of this article, we all did.

It’s hard to comprehend how the bosses of every Divine Beast were similar and rather simple (except for one, you know that too) in comparison of how a lot of bosses in previous games left a mark in our hearts and we try to repeat that same sensation when we play it again (I fought Stalord a couple of weeks ago, still my favorite boss).

This doesn’t happen in BotW. Excluding Monk Maz Koshia we encounter at the end of the second DLC, the “Blight Ganons” have nothing against the mini bosses in the same game. That’s something no one thinks when we talk about Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, or A Link to the Past!

The guys at Commonwealth Realm in collaboration with Zeltik made sure to deliver in the video down below a solid and complete analysis about every single boss, mini boss, and our final battle with Ganon which, let’s face it, didn’t impress us either.

Do you think Nintendo will learn from this experience and will give us again the legendary satisfaction of defeating a boss in a future release? What should they keep from them? What should they forget? Personally, I have faith in them.