By Hick
October 30, 2016

A little over 3 years ago when we started Two Guys Playing Zelda, the first game we did commentary for was Link to the Past. At that time we had a different recording device which had issues with black loading screens and made it difficult to cut videos. Because of this, we only did commentary for the dungeons. We now have a different recording device which is much better (buy the Elgato over the Roxio). This allowed us to go back and record a 100% walkthrough for the game and also do commentary for it. Being that it is one of our favorite Zelda games, we loved playing back through it and taking a trip down memory lane. It was the first Zelda game that either one of us played when it came out in 1992 so it holds a special place in our heart. The series consists of 29 parts. You can check any of them out below.