We will now be referring to our fans as “Vils”!

By Hick
October 5, 2016

A cool idea popped into my head the other day while I was outside smoking a cigar and drinking a beer (this is where most of our Zelda ideas come from, haha). I thought it would be fun to give our fan base a name. Something to refer to them as. It’s something that is different and will help us stand out from other Zelda fan bases, but it’s not a new concept. Some examples of where this has been done in the past would include “Beliebers” (Justin Bieber), “Barbz” (Nicki Minaj), and “Cameron Crazies” (Duke Basketball). It’s really more of something to have fun with. You can expect to see the #Vils and #VilsRealm hashtag more often in our tweets and posts. I was originally going to use #VilsNation, but I thought Realm fit better with Zelda (Sacred Realm, Twilight Realm, etc.). I actually was looking for a name that was not Zelda related. I thought something Zelda related would be too cliche. I wanted it to be short and simple. It didn’t even need to be a real word. I believe the nickname “Vils” accomplishes this. Where did “Vils” come from you might ask?

– Kakariko VILlage
– Varsity VILlas (Red and I’s college apartments at Indiana University)
– LouisVILle (Red and I’s hometown area, we were on the Indiana side)

As you can see from above, we wanted to take something that was related to both Zelda and our personal life.

If you consider yourself a fan of ours, feel free to play along with the new fan base nickname. You can include the #Vils and #VilsRealm any time you tweet us.