By Hick
May 14, 2016

When we started this channel a little over 3 years ago, one of the first rankings we did was the Ocarina of Time dungeon ranking. At that time, we were very new to video editing. We didn’t understand video and audio adjustments like we do now. We also didn’t have the proper software and hardware. All of these factors definitely showed when we made it. With that being said, it is the video we have put the most time into still to this day. It’s not a bad video by any means as it currently has over 30,000 views, but we needed to do one of our favorite games justice. You can check out the original ranking below.

When we recorded Ocarina of Time 3D, we felt it gave us a perfect chance to go back and re-do this ranking to give it justice. We had updated software and hardware, and our skills were more honed. We also knew that, because of the changes in the 3D version, that our ranking would not be the same. We decided to go back down memory lane to when we first started, and here is what came out. It’s one of the best ranking videos we have done. You can check it out below. Did you get the joke with the glasses?