By Hick
August 5, 2017

I love our name Two Guys Playing Zelda. It’s a representation of what we really are, just two regular guys who love to play the game of Zelda, and we might have some beers while doing it! One disadvantage, however, is that we’ve always felt our name has confined us a little. We feel like we always have to do things together, and it has to be Zelda related. We started to dislike this. We wanted to have the opportunity to do a little something different here and there.

Recently, I borrowed the Star Wars saga from Red (episodes 1-6). Sadly, I had never watched Star Wars growing up. I had nothing against it, I had just simply never sat down and watched it, and boy, did I miss some great movies. After watching the first movie, Episode IV – A New Hope, I was a fan. After I finished all 8 current movies, I brought up the idea of doing a movie ranking to Red. I knew he would be down as he has been a huge Star Wars fan since the 80s. We went back and forth on the idea and eventually put up a poll on Twitter to help with our decision. The final results were 56% for yes (as you can see below), so we figured why not go ahead and do it. To let you all in on a little behind the scenes discussion, we were going to do it anyways, haha.<

For those of you who are worried that we might transition slowly away from Zelda, have no worries. We still plan on 99% of our content being focused on Zelda. We are just going to do a little something different here and there and hopefully this ranking opens the door for that, because we really enjoyed doing this. Sometimes, no matter how much we both love Zelda, it’s nice to step away for just a quick second.

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube. Don’t forget to hit that like button. ENJOY!