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Watch Link Play All the Ocarina Songs from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine 4

By Kendra J
January 26, 2019

Check out this video from YouTuber CryZENx! Link goes through all the Ocarina songs in sequence from Ocarina of Time. The Unreal Engine makes the game look so beautiful: the shading, the attention to detail in the Temple of Time, and you can see Link’s individual fingers move as he plays! The background details are mesmerizing: The Spiritual Stones hovering near the back of the temple are so eye-catching, the light and shadows on the ground and the filigree in the windows are so striking. I love that Link still looks like a cartoon character, and his childhood spirit is still apparent. I also love the modern touch added with the effects once the Ocarina tunes are played.