By Red
December 27, 2017

Most Zelda fans are thrilled for any new content that Nintendo adds to Breath of the Wild. The game world is massive and is just begging for more stories to be told. However, not everyone enjoyed the latest downloadable content, The Champions’ Ballad. In his “Side of Salt” video series, YouTuber ScottFalco takes a look at The Champions’ Ballad and finds it to be rather disappointing. His main criticisms revolve around the fact that part of the DLC is just more shrines (one of his biggest complaints with the base game), revisiting areas we’ve already explored, battling bosses we’ve already faced, and cut scenes that don’t really improve the story. ScottFalco does mention the areas of the DLC that he liked, including the new dungeon and boss fight, but overall, he found The Champions’ Ballad to be severely lacking.

So what do you guys think? Did you enjoy The Champions’ Ballad, or were you disappointed by it? You can check out ScottFalco’s video below or on YouTube by clicking here, then leave us your thoughts in the comments below!