Wand of Gamelon Review by The Completionist

By Sarah Trimble
November 26, 2018

I never know what to expect from these Youtube channels, each one is so different and creatively unique. I have noticed that consistently, the spirit of each video is fun, honest, and sincere in its love for Zelda, which I can’t criticize. YouTuber The Completionist is a great example of this communal atmosphere – their content made me laugh out loud, and also made me nod my head in agreement with most of what their script contains. This video is also well-researched and edited neatly, with nice background music and actual footage from the narrator’s play through. I particularly liked the part when the narrator does admit that the game is fantastic in premise – Zelda herself fighting and solving puzzles to save her loved ones – which is the game we’ve always wanted, to be honest, but its execution and direction are laughably embarrassing. The script mercilessly draws example after example of why the game is just plain awful with almost no redeeming qualities – but it does give us a really fun bit of history about the CDi system itself and how it came to be, with some cool clips of an actual modified console, showing us some context and what to expect. It was very interesting to see the gameplay of Wand of Gamelon, I have never played any of the trilogy, but was thinking about giving it a shot. Given the overall rating from The Completionist (“donate it!!”) I can probably save myself hours of disappointment playing and just stick to appreciating it from a distance. 10/10 informative, humorous, and honest. I subscribed to the channel and am looking forward to more quality videos in the future!

You can check out the video below or click here to watch it on YouTube. Enjoy!


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