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Waluigi in Breath of the Wild: An Amusing Mod Indeed

By Anthony Melendez
October 16, 2017

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to my writings, where today I give a recanting of my experience watching video footage of an individual playing Breath of the Wild, but with a rather verbatim model of Waluigi of Mario Bros. fame. This will probably not be as in-depth and dramatic as my usual tone, but may I say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching this particular video from Youtuber Aaronitmar, as well as it being the first mod video I have ever seen for this particular game. It was funny to see Waluigi as Link, fighting off some of the most powerful enemies in the game such as the Guardian, Hinox, and the sword-wielding demon-like centaur. It gave me the craving to lurk the rest of the Breath of the Wild mod world and see what other mods have been created. Overall, it was an amusing and fun video to look at, and it drives me to find as many mods as I can.

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube. ENJOY!