Wake up with This Legend of Zelda Morning Mix

By Hick
October 17, 2017

Like many Zelda fans, one of my favorite aspects of the franchise is the music. There have been so many fantastic songs and themes since the first installment. I love to listen to Zelda music at work as the instrumental music without lyrics allows me to still listen and concentrate. The one issue I have is finding a mix that goes along with the proper time of day. In the morning, I want a little something more relaxing while in the afternoon I want something a little more upbeat. Well, one of those issues has finally been solved!

Youtuber Yoonchi Ya has created this awesome mix of Zelda music that is perfect listening during your morning routine. It is extremely relaxing and will help you to get your day started. I know I will be clicking on this video for many more work mornings to come.

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube. ENJOY!


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