Voiceless Link: A theory

By Michelle Martinez
May 5, 2017

Ok, don’t hate me, but Breath of the Wild is the first real Zelda game that I have played. Prior to it, I didn’t get the opportunity to immerse myself into the Zelda-world due to not having certain gaming consoles and parents who didn’t understand how awesome video games were. Though I distinctly remember borrowing a Zelda game for the Gameboy for a week or so, but that’s all I got. So with that in mind please bear with me.

While I was instantly hooked with BOTW from day one, I noticed something a bit strange. Link never had any dialogue. All I got were the “…” and that was his response. Meanwhile, all the other pretty important characters had dialogue and even actual voices. Now in writing this article, I wanted to first form my predictions, opinions, and thoughts on this subject before jumping into research. I thought maybe this question had already been answered years ago.

I noted that even Zelda had a voice and her name is on the game! So I just couldn’t help but think why wouldn’t Link have a voice, and why is he so small compared to everyone else?

I started to dig deeper within and came to the conclusion that we all are playing the hero in this game. We are all different. Different voices, different accents, and even different heights. Perhaps this game has a deeper meaning that we are all heroes. With this in mind, I now commence my research.

First thing I did was go to Google and type: why doesn’t Link talk. I opened up the first article from gamesradar titled “Zelda producer says Link may never talk“. “Aoenuma says, in a Nintendo Power article, that he didn’t want to ruin the magic and mystery of Link’s persona.

“Personally, I don’t want to have Link speak in the game. We haven’t had him talk at all up to this point. It’s part of the series history. It would just, to me, break the image of Link to have him speak.”

I can certainly agree with that. By this point it should just be in our own heads how we imagine he would sound. Besides if they did give him a voice now it would probably ruin everything. I say keep the mystery going. I like his explanation for it, simple and honest.

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