What is Under Hyrule Castle in the Breath of the Wild Sequel Trailer?

By Dan Portson
December 22, 2019

One of my favorite all-time gaming subjects is theories. Recently, YouTuber MaskedNintendoBandit released a theory video related to the upcoming Breath of the Wild sequel. The video is titled “What’s Under the Castle?” and provides a more in-depth look at how the castle could be rising up into the air seemingly all on its own. It also posits that the castle may be a little more mobile than previously thought. And by mobile, I don’t mean an Apple iPhone 11 with 256 GB, even though in the video the Castle is referred to as a wi-fi router at least once.

The video starts off with MNB excitedly reporting on the number of theories that have erupted since the release of Breath of the Wild 2’s teaser trailer earlier this year (2019). If you haven’t seen the trailer, here is a brief rundown of events: Link and Zelda ride a camel, midichlorians perform mitosis, what is more than likely the “Song of Time” plays in reverse as atmosphere, an epic hand-grabbing montage occurs, and Ganon forgoes the chiropractor to remedy his own cervical spondylosis. As Ganon’s corneas diligently vibrate, the entirety of Hyrule Castle lifts itself up into the air.

Even though my summary of events seems a little tongue-in-cheek, I rather enjoyed the aural and mysterious nature of the trailer. At that final scene with the castle slowly rising into the air, MNB points out that it looks like there are legs hanging down underneath it. Not human legs, however, but robotic legs with claws at the end; much like an enemy we see quite frequently in BOTW. I, myself, thought maybe the whole Legend of Zelda timeline was pulling an “eternal return” by cycling all the way back around to Skyward Sword again, seeing as the castle was taking to the skies. But of course, I’m wrong and don’t listen to me.

MNB then passes the mic over to his special guest, Nintendo Black Crisis (NBC), who already has quite the collection of BOTW theory videos on his own channel. He discusses the possibilities of the Castle being its own free-moving entity in a very convincing manner with plenty of evidence to back it up. He cites the castle’s “ancient energy”, similarities with the game’s mini-maps, and even brings up and defines ‘verticality’ to support his claims.

After MNB grabs the mic back, he extends his theory to posit that the castle not only moves, but it has done so more than once already. The support he has for that theory is rather convincing as well, to be honest. My biggest gripe about the whole production, however, was that they used the 3DS version of the game for the Ocarina of Time footage and not the original (I’m kidding, of course).

At the end, MNB invites discussion as to our thoughts about what was dangling underneath the castle as it ascended. Without giving too much of the video away, my theory goes that when the castle was rebuilt (yes, by bare hands) it was built right on top of a guardian stalker burial ground. Ganon, upon decidedly cracking his neck, summoned his dark magic at all of the buried stalkers underneath. They then took to the skies with the castle helplessly along for the ride. Obviously, like with most everything else I come up with, don’t listen to me. Definitely check the video out for yourself below though, and after you are done watching, go over to Nintendo Black Crisis’ channel, and check out Part 2!


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