By Red
April 4, 2018

With the Nintendo Labo construction set due to be released soon, many Zelda fans may be wondering how it can be used to enhance the Zelda experience. Well, Nintendo has teased one way the Labo and Zelda can work together by releasing a short trailer showing the Labo being used to play the Rollgoal minigame from Twilight Princess! Rollgoal was a minigame found in Twilight Princess’s Fishing Hole that involved moving a ball through a maze to the end goal. The trailer shows a cardboard recreation of a simple maze attached to a Switch, with the player attempting to navigate a marble through the maze. Rollgoal featured 64 levels, so there are plenty more mazes that could be created with the Labo!

You can check out the teaser trailer below, or swing by Zelda Dungeon’s YouTube page to watch it on YouTube. The Labo is set to release on April 20th.