Trial of the Sword Has a Well Hidden Ocarina of Time Easter Egg

By Hick
April 18, 2018


Finding Easter eggs in Zelda games is always a cool feeling, especially when it is a Zelda Easter egg. Even though it is cool when you find it, many hold no value and are just there as a “nod” to another game. However, sometimes you come across an Easter egg that seems to be very important. That appears to be the case with this newest Easter egg in Breath of the Wild that was pointed out by Reddit User kamuilyn. When you finish the Trial of the Sword, the 7 monks have their arms in various positions that represent one of the 7 sages from Ocarina of Time. That is so awesome! Check out the picture below.

I bet this is something that many Zelda players didn’t know about, either because they didn’t complete Trial of the Sword (like me) or because they simply didn’t notice it. It is definitely something that I would have never picked up on if I would have completed the trial. Here is an image of the 7 monks after you complete the trial, via Zelda Wiki.

Is this the best Easter egg found so far in Breath of the Wild? Do you think it carries any significance? Let us know down in the comments!

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