Top 5 Ganon Battles in the Nintendo Legend of Zelda Franchise

By Krissia Arteaga
April 15, 2019

Ganondorf: do we hate him? I don’t. It’s not that I like his perspective on life, he has been one of the characters with the best personalities in the Legend of Zelda series. Sometimes I wish we could get to see him even more than just at the beginning and the end of each game. Regardless of what I want and need from a Zelda game in the future, something that we can’t deny is how each final battle, the one that saves Hyrule and brings peace back, is epic! YouTuber ZeldaMaster has put together a video ranking their favorite Ganon/Ganondorf fights, along with a very nice narration that brings you back to that couch you finished each game with!

I agree with ZeldaMaster on the top two in their ranking. The top one made my hand shake and it was not the vibration of my GameCube controller! So enjoy this beautiful video, and we would love to read your own top five, so let us know in the comments!


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