To Breath of the Wild and Beyond

By Nate Merritt
September 14, 2017

Once again YouTuber Shesez delivers with an excellent and very interesting Boundary Break episode. If you’re a Breath of The Wild fan, you should do yourself a favor and check it out, as he shows us a few hidden secrets that are both cool and funny.

He starts things off on a definite high note, showing us something that nearly every single person I’ve talked to has wanted to see: Vilia’s full face. In game, Vilia’s full face is revealed only to Link, giving the player only a peek at a cheek, from behind. And from Link’s reaction, we can pretty much gather as to what he is…well, faced with. Shesez literally goes behind the curtain on this one. Interesting indeed.

He then begins going underneath and inside some of the landscapes. Some of that, which is beyond what we can see in game, is very detailed, leaving me to wonder if some of the areas or entities that Shesez shows us were actually meant to be a part of the game or if they were the subjects of an overachieving programmer(s)? I was particular surprised at the features on King Dorephan’s feet (he even has feet?). And how about the fact that just below the surface of the terrain that Link walks on is all free flowing water? I also found the flower inside the Deku Tree’s mouth a charming touch.

If Shesez started off on a high note, he leaves on a much higher note…. a literal high note. He zooms all the way out, so we can see all of Hyrule, and I mean all of it, all at once. What stood out here for me was what I would consider a resemblance to The Legend of Zelda map. Yeah, that one from way back in the 80’s on the NES. Though the two maps are vastly different, if you look close enough you can see some similarities. At the top of each map, you’ll find the mountain regions, minus the temperature difference from BoTW, of course. At the bottom left of each map, you’ll find more of the baron region. Looking over at the bottom right of each map, you’ll see that both of them border water. Now I’m not saying these are the same maps, or that they are the same Hyrule’s, as we are still waiting for an official placement in the timeline. But, could this be the same Hyrule we traversed more than 30 years ago? I really don’t know, but it is certainly cool to think about!

To check out the map, and other secrets of hyrule, check out the Zelda Breath of The Wild Boundary Break video below.


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