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This Zelda Breath of the Wild Animation Has Link Getting High so He Can Dream About Prince Sidon

By Kendra J
December 21, 2018

Who would have thought Sidon and Zelda would end up getting together? Check out this video from YouTuber mashed that takes us on an adventure with Link. Poor Link can’t catch a break, so he decides to drink his sorrows away. That’s just the beginning of it all… Then the real adventure begins! I’m wondering what’s in those Mighty Bananas! Link goes on a banana-induced trip of epic proportions throughout Hyrule to try and get his mind off how life is treating him. The animation is so well done, and I love that sound effects from Breath of the Wild are seamlessly included. It’s also nice to hear Link talk for a change!

Watch the video below or click here to watch on YouTube.