This Is the World’s Largest Collection of Zelda Memorabilia!

By Hick
October 24, 2017

Many people collect Legend of Zelda memorabilia. One cool thing about the franchise is that there are always new games coming out, which means new merchandise available for collectors. While I have seen many great collections over the years, only one person can hold the record for the most. Meet Norway’s Anne Martha Harnes, who currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Legend of Zelda memorabilia. Her record stands at 1,816 items, but she feels like she is very close to 2000 now. She began collecting in 2008 after learning how to use Ebay and Paypal. Her first purchase was a plushie and it continued to grow from there.

She first started playing Zelda in 1994 with the Super Nintendo’s Link to the Past. It’s crazy to think about how big her collection would be today if she started collecting in 1994! I must admit this is a pretty impressive collection and it had to cost a fortune. The guitar, which is her favorite item, is one of only 7 that were ever created, so you know that one alone cost her a pretty penny. I’m excited to keep an eye on her collection as it continues to grow into the future. I wonder if anyone will ever overtake her record. We shall see!

You can check out the video below from the Guinness World Records Youtube channel or click here to view it on Youtube. ENJOY!


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