By Hick
January 19, 2018

Red and I love to drink beer. It’s something we have never been shy about since we started TGPZ. What’s better than playing Zelda? It’s playing Zelda with an ice cold beer in your hand! One thing we have always been waiting for but have yet to see is a Zelda inspired beer. Well, now we don’t have to wait any longer! Second Self Beer Company recently released their newest beer called Triforce. Here is how they describe it.

A newly imagined IPA from our team. Brewed to embody the sacred relic’s three pieces: POWER, COURAGE, and WISDOM. Triforce is a slightly HAZY IPA brewed with the triforce of malts (oats, wheat and barley) and hops (Mosaic, Amarillo, and Cascade). These combine to create a unique IPA that has the HOPPY aroma and flavor of papaya, mango, and other tropical fruits; with a soft, flavorful mouthfeel to balance this truly inspired beer.

6.1% ABV


Draft + Cans

This beer is located in Atlanta, Georgia, so sadly Red and I won’t be able to try it. I wonder if they deliver?!

As a random side note. I recently quoted a tweet from Sam Slaughter where he was talking about this same beer. He replied to me that he would be live on The Manual next week I believe to try out the beer. So if you are interested, I would definitely check out that live show. You can see those tweets below.