The Top 5 Nintendo Legend of Zelda Games That Need to Be Remade

By Sarah Trimble
April 8, 2019

I’m not terribly familiar with YouTuber HMK’s content but after this video, I’d like to be. He has a ton of knowledge about lore I didn’t even realize existed and I learned several things! I loved the concept of Adventure of Link in a BOTW engine, as well as Four Swords, the Oracles games and my favorite game, Skyward Sword, all being revamped and expanded upon. Given that the most recent Nintendo Direct announcement for Zelda content was a Link’s Awakening remake, the company seems to be on a roll with HD and full makeovers. The video game market is absolutely ripe for nostalgia bombs and reinvention of old games to compliment all this new software coming out. I’ve been a champion for Skyward Sword HD with Pro Controller capabilities since the Switch came out and it was nice to see someone agreed with me there. The Oracles games also are criminally underrated and deserve the new Link’s Awakening treatment fully! The Minish Cap also needs a remake, preferably into a 3D environment. Phantom Hourglass is another game that I have played through several times and really enjoyed, but the touch-screen mechanic absolutely brought the game down and made it so much more difficult. Given a shiny new update and some game tweaks, PH could overcome the negative stigma associated with it and take it’s place as a completely valid and fun adventure in the timeline, much like Adventure of Link. These ideas are fun to debate and think about, but we often forget the amount of work it takes to put one together, so it’s understandable that things in the remake department are stagnating a bit after Link’s Awakening this year. Being a Zelda fan is at least never boring, and endlessly fulfilling even when there’s no news to discuss. Channels like HMK help keep the energy alive and provide fodder for conversation, which is almost as important as new games to preserve the Legend of Zelda legacy. Thank you for reading, see you next time!


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