The Scariest Legend of Zelda Ben Drowned Creepy Pastas

By Chipz-N-Stix
February 1, 2019

This video was done by YouTuber Top 10 Gaming which talks about an interesting occurrence with a game we all know very well; The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. A young man named Alex had just received a Nintendo 64 from a college buddy at the time but didn’t have many games to play while he was at the dorms. Naturally, Alex decided to expand his gaming library by picking up some games one weekend. Little did he know, getting a peculiar looking cartridge would turn his world upside down, and in a very strange way. Pay close attention to what’s said in this video, there’s no telling if this is real or if it’s just another strange story. However, this is a tale that will even change how you see things. Enjoy!


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