By Hick
November 22, 2017

In Breath of the Wild, one could see that there was a heavier influence of Japanese culture than in past Zelda games. This was demonstrated greatly by Kakariko Village and the Yiga Clan we encountered throughout the game, along with their hideout. Was any of this inspired by real life ninjas and culture, or was it strictly the imagination of Nintendo’s developers?

YouTuber The Game Theorists addressed this in one of their recent videos and showed that what we see in Breath of the Wild was heavily influenced by real life ninjas and culture, and some of these ninjas were ruthless! You could tell there was a lot of research that had to be done for this video, and all Zelda fans will appreciate that. They even address why the Yiga Clan like bananas so much! These are the real types of questions we need answers to, haha.

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube. ENJOY!