By Red
January 30, 2018

Mini-games have been an integral part of Zelda since the very first game in the series. That doesn’t change with Breath of the Wild, which has a variety of mini-games and challenges scattered throughout its massive game world. The guys at DanAndPhilGAMES decided to take three of the mini-games in Breath of the Wild and have their own Zelda Olympics! The mini-games Dan and Phil chose for their Olympics are bowling, sand seal racing, and archery at the Flight Range. This is a fun and creative way to turn a single-player game into a group challenge!

There are several more mini-games in Breath of the Wild, so which ones would you choose for your very own Zelda Olympics? Check out the Zelda Olympics below, or click here to watch it on YouTube, then let us know in the comments what mini-games you would pick!