The music deserves it’s respect! The Top 10 Zelda Dungeon Themes is here!

By Hick
August 20, 2016

We decided to get away from dungeons and bosses and give the music of Zelda some respect. Music has been important to the Legend of Zelda franchise since the first game came out in 1987 (US). It’s what makes the franchise stand out among many other franchises. While the over world music is a majority of the game, the dungeon themes still serve an important role in the game. It can make a bad dungeon good, or a good dungeon great. Sometimes it’s hard to explain why we love these themes, all we know is that they strike a certain cord with us.

Since there are so many themes across the franchise, we ranked our top 20 individually and then applied the point system to come up with this top 10. Since this video focused more on the music, we did it a little different from our past rankings. We commentate around the first 20 seconds of each section, and then we just let the theme play for around the last 40 seconds. For the visuals, we decided to include a random 1 minute video clip from somewhere in the dungeon. We felt this went along best with the video. Images can get stale after being on the screen for a while. Always remember, these are just our opinions. Red and I were all over the place ourselves when we did our rankings. Make sure you stick around until the end to see our individual rankings. You can check out the video below. Enjoy!!