The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Perfect for Newcomers

By Noel K. Sandoval
June 3, 2018

When I was thirteen, in the middle of summer, I was asked by my mom, “Would you ever buy a Zelda game?” I told her that I was interested, I just didn’t know where to start. That same summer Ocarina of Time 3D released and I thought that would be the one I would pick and little did I know I would pick the remake that the original is known to be one of the best in the series.

When I first heard of the Zelda series, I only knew about it because of Super Smash Bros. So I did not really think anything about it. During elementary I was not interested because it was not a simple game like Pikmin or Mario. When I became a teenager, I figured I would give it a try because I felt I could understand the gameplay and story. That is why it took me so long to join the series.

I never played the N64 version so I cannot compare the graphics and specific gameplay firsthand. I can compare what I think compared to others and what I have seen in let’s plays of the N64 version on YouTube.

First Impressions

I think the game looked really good. The character models were sharp and the colors were bright. For being on the 3DS, I cannot imagine what the game would have looked like if the game was made for the Wii U or Switch I can just imagine. Now with the controls luckily I did not have to readjust anything for the experience as it was my first game. Two items to access with buttons was easy to use and the other two that relied on touch screen buttons was an adjustment but I got used to it quick. Now that I have talked about both the graphics and controls I am going to talk about one aspect of the game that these two made it easier for me and I did not even know and that was the Water Temple.

At first, I really did not think the Water Temple was hard. I did not need a walkthrough and I honestly thought it was easy. When I watched Lucahjin’s Let’s Play of Ocarina of Time from the Nintendo 64 I noticed some differences that would have made it hard for me if I played that version.

The 3DS version of the Water Temple introduced lights on the doors to make it easier to remember where the player has traveled and where they would need to go next. I used those to keep track and made exploring easy. Watching the Let’s Play I was getting confused myself as I didn’t have the lights to keep me on track. During the dungeon, the player must switch using the Iron Boots and regular boots. In the original N64 version, the player must access the menu and change every time they needed to. This became tedious and time consuming and in the 3DS version it was different. Instead of being part of the outfit the boots were treated as an item that can be assigned during the dungeon. Switching between the regular and Iron Boots was easier and took less time. This is why when I played the Water Temple the first time it was not hard for me, however if I played the N64 version that would have been a different story.

Now I did make the review more on the Water Temple and there is one reason why: This is the part of the game where most players struggle. This is the most infamous part of the game and I feel like if I made this more about the Water Temple it will tell future players it is not that bad on this version. The game is awesome. Each temple has their own puzzles and nothing feels out of place. I hope new players give this game a chance if they want to start the series.

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