The Legend of Smash

By Zach Winn
March 31, 2018

It’s safe to say that announcing a new Super Smash Brothers game has transcended into a full-fledged event. That may even be an understatement with the reaction to the reveal that the Nintendo Switch will be receiving a new Smash game in 2018. Of course we already know that Link will be front and center on the roster alongside Mario, which is confirmed in the recently released teaser trailer. However, unlike past installments, Breath of the Wild Link will be making his debut in the series, seemingly taking the mantle from the Link of Twilight Princess. As exciting as that is, there hasn’t been a truly brand new character from the Legend of Zelda series in quite some time.

Part of the fun with every installment is for fans around the world to speculate on which new faces will debut as fighters. Hopping on this trend, YouTuber Zeltik gives us his opinion for new character ideas from the Zelda franchise in his video “Smash Bros. Switch: 7 Zelda Newcomer Characters we NEED to be Playable”. He gives a solid list spanning multiple games in the series and provides well thought out arguments for a few new faces we usually wouldn’t consider. Hopefully soon we’ll find out if any of his predictions come to fruition.

Which characters from the Zelda series would you love to see in Smash? We would love to hear your thoughts and speculations. Also, what do you think of Zeltik’s list? You can check out his video below, or click here to view it on YouTube.


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