The Forgotten Temple Proves the Tetraforce Exists!

By Hick
March 27, 2018

I find the Forgotten Temple to be one of the most interesting places in Breath of the Wild. Like many places in the game, we don’t get a lot of information about it. The lovely thing about Breath of the Wild is that we are able to theorize in many different ways because of this lack of information. What exactly was the Forgotten Temple? What purpose did it serve? Who would come there? There are so many unanswered questions!

I recently posted a video on our YouTube channel where I theorize how the Forgotten Temple proves the existence of the Tetraforce. I take a deep look at what I believe the Forgotten Temple was and address the Tetraforce theory in detail. If you don’t know what the Tetraforce theory is, it is basically a theory that there is a 4th Triforce piece. It was such an enjoyable video to make because I had no clue that was the direction I was going to take it at first. After doing a lot of research, I was just pulled that way. I also address why I don’t believe the Forgotten Temple is the Sealed Temple from Skyward Sword.

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