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The Fairy Fountain That Never Was

By Anthony Melendez
September 18, 2018

Video game rumors, hidden areas and supposed theories are aspects in gaming that I have always been a fan of personally; therefore, it was only natural for me to delve into this rather shady mystery of such an obscure and cryptic fairy fountain. For starters, the dark blue, crystalized and rather faceless aesthetic of this particular supposed Great Fairy comes off as incredibly unsettling, due to its lack of emotion and intricate physical attributes, as well as the off-putting moniker of Unicorn Fountain rather than just another normal Fairy Fountain. On the contrary, I do personally think that the unicorn head stands would have fit well into any such fountain or any eater-heavy type of area in the game, even if it was just a simple Easter egg that somehow made it into the design work. I was actually intrigued by the unusual design of the fountain overall, specifically the positioning of the unicorn statues. It came as a surprise when rather than seeing the traditional pool of shallow water, it was still a giant pool of water, but with the unicorns being the middle focal point.

As for one of its supposed purposes in the game itself, it certainly would have been most fascinating and rather refreshing to have such a fountain act as a room to stock up on jars of blue fire to use at will, rather than painstakingly retreating to the underappreciated Ice Cavern to do so. It would have been refreshing too as aforementioned because it would have given some type of variety on the functions of the fountains in general, rather than all of them performing the same task in upgrading and healing Link as he progresses through the intense adventures. The mentioned idea using red ice to pave the entryway would have been a fun little objective as well. Overall, it is a fun little theory to ponder and just think to ourselves what it would have been like if they put the green light on the fabled Unicorn Fountain.

You can check out the video below by Youtuber Game Architects or click here to view it on Youtube. ENJOY!