The Evolution of the Hardest Nintendo Legend of Zelda Boss Battles

By Sarah Trimble
January 19, 2019

Starting off before the video even played, I was thrilled to see a 28min timestamp – I love a good long drink of Zelda content. It looks like YouTuber Shiromi is run by a fellow lady which is always cool to see, women in gaming are treasures and often bring forth a level of relatability that we don’t see in day-to-day coverage. It is so fun to see these old school bosses with the excellent 8-bit soundtrack accompanying and I shook my head in awe more than once just from the sheer insanity going on in the 80’s games. So many of these bosses brought back painful memories of all the times I died against them in my playthroughs. Another fun point was seeing how the games evolved from having 0 fanfare after defeating a boss, no heart container or short musical jingle, to the elaborate shrieking and self-implosion of the Blights in BOTW, as well as the touching bestowal of each new Champion’s blessing. The footage of each fight shows the entire battle from start to end which is cool; I could tell a few of them were done with an emulator, but the Majora’s Mask segment had the original game’s heart meter and clock at the bottom which was a nice touch. I also learned a thousand tips to beating these bosses that I never thought of or saw on a walkthrough – so bonus points for that. There is no dialogue from the creator which I found a bit disappointing but every creator communicates differently and that’s okay. I did love how they included both Koloktos and Demise from Skyward Sword; honest to gods, I have not beaten Demise all the way through once in my life. I’ve played through Skyward Sword at least 9 times but I just can’t master the controls enough to defeat Demise! In conclusion. this is a great video, I agree with each one being the hardest of the games they represent and appreciate Shiromi putting this list together. 8/10 for content, length, and nostalgia bomb!

You can check out the video below or click here to watch it on YouTube. Enjoy!


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