The Evolution of Creepy/Scary Moments in the Legend of Zelda

By Steven T. Smith
January 10, 2019

Nintendo has always been a family-friendly company with a rich history of joyous and colorful worlds, built for our enjoyment and exploration. The passion of their developers is unparalleled, and every moment drips with the love and sweat of their labor. However, Nintendo has explored the creepier side of these worlds. Shrieking undead, people transfigured into spiders, amorphous horrors, the dark confinements of wells, prisons and crypts and even aliens are not at all unfamiliar to this cheerful company. Beginning with Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time in 1998, Nintendo has tested the courage – pun intended – of their fans time and again with these trials. From the blood-stained, enigmatic Dead Hand; to the sudden transformation of Yeta; to being chased up a rope in the Ancient Cistern, Nintendo has refined their craft over the course of the franchise, and every single one of these moments have left a lasting impression on their fans.

YouTuber Shiromi has gathered a collection of these moments in a compilation video, showcasing the Skulltula House, the Elegy of Emptiness, and much more. I was, at first, surprised that the video lacked commentary, but its absence only helps in reliving these moments for the short time they are shown on screen. While it is by no means a complete list, it showcases moments from every console Zelda game up to Breath of Wild, though I’m not so sure I find the Dark Link outfit very creepy.

You can check out the video down below or click here to watch it on Youtube. Viewer beware, it’s a bit of a scare!


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