Taking the Camera Beyond Its Boundaries in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

By Maitlynn
June 4, 2019

Boundary Break, a series where they basically take a game’s camera anywhere they want, was started back in 2016 by YouTube channel Shesez. Since then it has gained such a large following it was even nominated for a Shorty Award for Best In Gaming this year. However, Shesez recently stated in his Boundary Break episode for A Link Between Worlds that his channel is “kinda tanking” in growth. He believes it is due to the fact that it takes him so long to put a video of the most interesting discoveries together and it’s not even a guarantee viewers will want to see a video for that game.

So to combat these issues, the channel is trying out a new format that will allow him to put out more content with more videos per game. Twilight Princess was the first game he decided to use this new format on, and so far I am digging it.

Being the first video for Twilight Princess he of course focused on the beginning of the game where Link is in Ordon Village. Shesez did warn us this new format meant that there is no guarantee he will find an amazing discovery, but if it means more Zelda videos I am all for it. My favorite discovery covered in this video was getting to have some close ups on Low Poly animals in the village, they are oddly cute still.

If you are new to watching Boundary Break, be prepared to possibly learn something new on a technical level or even see unused objects and Easter eggs. You can check out Shesez’s discoveries for Twilight Princess below.


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